Lessons Learned from Real Life


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Table of Contents

Lessons Learned from Real Life

quick bio

my talk

Radiology Consultation Workstation Network

RCWS Block Diagram

an unintended test

pitfall: infinite CPU

a surprising outcome

pitfall: networks run out of bandwidth first

pathological networks

PPT Slide

the best laid plans

the answer: tcpdump

tick, tock, tick, tock...

the nagle finagle

pitfall: donít care how TCP and app get along

the big mystery

tcpdump to the rescue

observations about our mystery

deferred ACKs

keystrokes: the worst case

keystrokes: what we want

another look at the trace

the mystery unmasked

tcpdump: our best friend

other uses of tcpdump

summary: lessons learned

summary: lessons learned

thatís all, folks!

Author: Jeremy Elson

Email: jelson@usc.edu

Home Page: http://www.circlemud.org/~jelson

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