The Future

        "Beam me up,
the timeless words which were
        never spoken, yet
bring forth images of
and Kirk, charging to rescue of the Damsel in Distress,
    and DeForest, who now looks like Bones
      and Scotty, who ate one too many doughnuts
and a pointy-eared Vulcan
   with one hell of a grip.

Two seasons, series cancelled, letters written.
        One more time, one last season, in the can.
All is quiet, years go by.
Then a movie, and another, and four more.
                                   A new generation.

Tragedy strikes the brain,
                     the brawn,
        all in one body, now only a body, one who was
Gene, now gone.  He is remembered, revered.

The Next Generation and the sixth movie
and he is dead, but his spirit will always
continue and his child will never die             as the viewers
       go where                         no man has gone, where no producer
        or writer                     has been willing to take them with the
         promise of                     prosperity and life for the humans
          not just the                        images of horrid
           death.  Pictures of prosperity, of hope, of
           peace, of happiness, while not forgetting
            the problems of the present, we see the
                 future in a new, better light.


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Poem by Jeremy Elson, written in March 1992
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