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Date: 01/25/94

==My problem with this is more related to a philosophical difference of
==opinion, rather than any fault in your code.  Not only do I feel that
==high-level characters should be able to lower level characters, I think
==they should be  commended for it.  Of course,  when the level 30 char
==takes an absolute (ie. neverr before played any mud) newbie  and just
==levels  him  10 time and cuts him loose,this  is a  bad thing.  On the
==other hand, who  is better able to answer questions about the mud than
==an experinced player, who unlike an immortal, may demonstrate how the
==muds various functions work simply by doing.
==Perhaps a better  way of affecting this would be to change  the way
==group exp is  divided.  One system  I have seen that I like involves
==adding all the  levels of the party together, dividing that into the
==exp, and then allocating one "share" per level to each party member.
==Thus, in a group with two 20th level characters and one 5th level,
==each 20th leveler  will get 20/45 of the  treasure, where  as the
==5th leveler will only get 5/45.  This still lets   high levlers help out, 
==but negates a lot of  the advantage for mid-levels when the differnce
==in level is  just too high.

	Well, this is not a letter of love, but just to voice my opinion.
I also believe that higher level characters should be commended for
helping newbies in the game.  I believe that this adds to the enjoyment 
of the game to newbies and to the overall image of the MUD.  What I have 
done, as was mentioned in a different post, was to make group_gain level
dependent.  I believe that is the better option as oposed to not allowing
to group at all.  If anyone is interested in the code, just drop me a line
and I'll send it to you.  Well, that is my two cents worth.

	BTW great this mailing list is a great idea =|)

Glenn @MissionMUD

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