Re: Addendum
Date: 01/25/94

> 	I have seen numerous requests at adding classes to the src.
> I will be sending a 
> full blown, step-by-step procedure shortly.

That's a good idea, but keep in mind that the procedure will change
under Circle 3.0.  Right now, adding new classes is a major pain, especially
with regard to the spell system because spell info is not stored in an
easily extensible way.  The spell system will be completely rewritten for
Circle 3 (it's 95% done).  Adding classes will be much easier, and will
be fully documented as well.

Speaking of documentation -- I'm writing a "coding.doc" manual which
describes, in detail, how to add new commands, socials, spells, skills,
classes, and areas.  I'm open to suggestions as to what other major
areas it should cover.


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