Unconnected Thoughts

From: Steppin' Razor (grruffin@midway.uchicago.edu)
Date: 01/29/94

First off, thanks to the guy who posted a thorough description of how to add
classes... it really is surprisingly easy! Your help is VERY much appreciated.
Of course, the major block for me now is coding new skills... AK. I have no
idea how to proceed. I was wondering if anybody could give me tips on some
of the warrior skills that I knew and loved on JediMUD that I don't think are
in the Circle code, namely berserk, block, double hit, etc. Also, what is the
deal with the infravision bit? Is it defined anywhere? We've been trying to
imp that skill, but it just ain't happening. Further, I'm interested in imping
a class that gains movement points by level, in more or less the same way
any other class gains hp... I think I see how to do it in limits.c where it
add_hp and
add_mana... I'm just not sure how to refer to movement points. Is it move?
Is it volition? Is it POSSIBLE? :)
Any tips appreciated.

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