Addclass.doc and other stuff

From: Brett C Helgeson (
Date: 01/29/94

	First, thanks for the kind words on the addclass.doc. It isn't hard to 
do, but it is pretty easy to forget something. I also can send in an addspell.
doc if anyone is interested in that. I understand things are going to be changed
on Circle3.0 with regards to classes and format but if you want to stick with 2.2
I can provide you with the stuff I have gleaned from the code. 
	In the last mail by Ian Verschuren, he stated he has put in multi-attacks
and other things. I guess this could be relayed to him, but to anyone else who has
added other skills as well: Would anyone mind either mailing me, or posting a few
new warrior skills? I have installed about 40+ new spells, and would be willing to 
swap spells for skills, if anyone is interested. I know most imps and coders DON'T
like to share thier ideas and code, and thats fine. But I know when I was first 
starting out (a while back) all the new code that I could get helped tremendously
with me developing new code. I try to 'share' as much code as I can, for that 
reason. Those people who have better coding skills than me (And that would be alot=)
might not find the code examples usefull, but they might point out a better way to
execute a procedure or what have you. 
	Enough of my preaching. If someone, anyone could set me up with just a 
second attack for a warrior skill I would be mucho gracias. Skills are the one 
thing that I *haven't* gotten into; It seems that I just don't get around to 
them. Also if anyone is interested in converting the mana-based magic system to
a spell-point system, let me know.. Thanks for your time.   Brett@Legends...

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