Please tell me this isn't true....
Date: 01/31/94

Alright...We've been playtesting out MUD for a while...somethings for people
to know (especially you Jeremy...)....

This is how some people are getting MEGA!!

First a few things...
We changed the MUD to 54 levels...
We start all new chars at 45 to help playtest.


To get exp fast...people are:
	1) Charming mobs, then letting the mob kill the player, then killing
           the mob.  WIth a loss of only 500k exp max for dying (in limits.c),
	   this is pretty damn nice, since to be 45th level in our MUD you need
	   MANY millions of exp....Doing this effectively doubles the PC's xp.

	2) Casting spells at themselves...C'mon...This SHOULDN'T be allowed to 
           happen.  At least not offensive spells.  This too doubles the xp
	   of the player.  I assumed that this was already in the code.

	3) Killing each other.  This was our fault.  We decided to let pkillers
	   to be able to damage others, since a spell of ours (nuclear blast) 
	   may set a PC to PKILLER.  And since we want people to use the spell,
           we allowed PKILLERs to be able to damage things.  To prevent people
           from just randomly killing each other, we put in a special mob, 
           Judge Dredd, hunt PKILLERs.  However, this did not stop people from:
		1: Attack a friend, get set as a killer.
                2: The PC's friend is free to kill the PKILLER, and get their
                   exp.  (LOTS of exp from killing a 45th level).  Once again,
                   with only a 500k exp loss, no big deal to the killee.)
                3: Reverse rolls with friend....
           BAM!!! Many exp for both people....

We have fixed a lot of these so far...
        1)  Change xp loss from death to 1/4 of xp (we are going to add another
            field to the char data for # of times killed.  When a player dies,
            he/she will lose 1% of exp, with a gain of 1% each additional time
   	    he/she dies to a max of 50%).  This stops people from letting them-
	    selves get killed too many times.

	2)  Made a max exp gain for mobs to be 3 mil (which is the max number
            of xp any of our mobs currently have).  People can still charm and
	    allow the mob to kill them, but it will take a LONG time to reach
            next level (100 mil between 45 and 46th level)

	3)  PKILLERs can't gain exp from killing PCs.

As far as the spells go...I guess I'll have to make sure that every offensive 
spell can't be cast at self....

Just some things to look out for and think about...


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