Re: question for those more knowledgeable

From: Ian Verschuren (
Date: 01/31/94

well, to tell the truth..... the sysadmin should understand exactly how it
works.. the mud intercepts all incoming connections to port 4000 of the machine
(or whatever port you decided on.) there are many fre ports on a unix
machine.. most ranging above uhmm what 500/1000 something like that
I can't be sure right now.. anyways, lower ports, 23 are used for telnet,
70 i s used for ftp, others are used for tfpt, rlogin, usenet etc etc
they all work in pretty much the same way... 
other than that.. there is little to say.. it is an executable that accepts incoming
telnet's... (you might want to send him source for the 'sign' program
since it does very much the same thing the mud does)
if this person (the sysadmin I mean) is really a sysadmin.. then he should
damn well know the answer to this question :)
but... if not... tell him it works the same as a gopher daemon, except not
that it is not included in 'services' or inetd.conf
hope this helps you..

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