Re: Circle 3 for CNET

From: Jean-Jack M. Riethoven, AgroSystems department (AB-DLO), Wageningen - NL, (+31) (J.J.M.RIETHOVEN@AB.AGRO.NL)
Date: 03/01/94

Luke asked:

>	Just a quick question, when CircleMUD 3.0 comes out how long do 
>you folks think it will take for the CNet port?

I think you mean the standard Amiga port. Well, everything that's both 
not new to 3.0 _and_ not concerned with I/O (sockets and that stuff) 
should take me 2 evenings since I've all the Amiga-specific things 
separated by #ifdef's.
All that's new and is standard C (no functions used from libraries not 
available on other systems) is also no problem.

What I do not know yet is how exactly the OLC is implemented. Is it a 
real full-screen editor or line/questions based (Jeremy?).

Anyway, I guess that it should take me 5 evenings to port it completely 
(distribution-ready), and then another week or so for the lucky beta-testers :)

So, to cut it short, about two weeks. Of course, under the conditions 
that I do now have any other pressing projects or social activities 

With kind regards,

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Research Institute for AgroBiology and Soil Fertility (AB-DLO),
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