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Date: 03/03/94

I just wanted to share something that we've been doing with alignvery

on StrangeMUD that I think would be good for any MUD.

As you know, alignment on the current Circle/Diku flavour muds is rather
um... unstable. It's really easy to get good or get evil with just 1 or 
two kills. We feel that a) this makes it really hard for people to even
want to stay of one alignment(you know, kill good only or evil only)...
and makes people not want to wear good/evil only aligned stuff.

My suggestion:

Use some of the spare variables in specials2 to make the following vars:

and set up alignment this way:

Keep the way monsters gain alignment the same, but every time you kill a 
monster, add the alignment from the kill to cum_alignment, and increment
total_kills. And then divide cum_alignment by total_kills to get the

What this does is make your alignment fluctuate wildly at first, but then 
as you kill more and more you will become stable. This gives players a chance
to "choose" their alignment on the mud without having them "set" it at the
beginning(a most unsuitable way to do it, and very unrealistic).

This way, people choosing to change alignment would have to work very hard
if they wanted to change their alignment.

Just think about it. It's very, very simple.

Oh, you'll probably want to make 2 wizcommands here as well:
neutralize, to reset the variables to 0, and show_align to show
the three variables.

This has the neat addition of allowing you to show total kills to the players.
It's just something kinda neat.

Questor, writing this in care of Cyntax, who wrote the procedures.

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