Re: Player-files

From: The Mud Operator (
Date: 03/14/94

> 	Hi,
> I plan to add races on my mud. I've already modified the code for that, but
> now, I had to deal with player-file (convert it with the new format).
> I've added a byte race in the char_player_data structure and a byte race
> in the char_file_u.
> I must convert my old player file, so that all existing players are human for
> example...
> If u have already worked on that or sthg similar, and if u wish to share that, 
> I would be happy ...
> Thanks
> Ludo@Ensem Mud ( 4000)

Hmm...we here at AbsolutMUD ( 4000   PLUG PLUG), have made a few
changes to our player file too.  One thing that some of you may want to 
implement is a deaths counter.  It counts the number of times a player dies and
then whenever they die, it subtracts a percentage of exp.  One death and you
lose 1%, 2 deaths lose 2%, etc. up to a max of 50%.  We felt this was much 
better than a standard subtraction.  

However, doing this did mean that we had to delete the pfile, as there was no
way that we found to implement the new addition without deleting everything.

We want to add in a counter for the number of mobs a player has killed, so that
we can have a better alignment calculation (as was suggested by someone on the 
list...), so this means that I'll have to delete the pfile again, it seems...

If there is anyway to prevent me from having to delete it again, I, too would
be interested in hearing it...


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