On-Line-Creation ideas.

From: The Mud Operator (absolut@b63740.STUDENT.cwru.edu)
Date: 03/15/94

Well, we here at absolut are eagerly awaiting circle 3.0 so that we can finally
open up to the public.. anyways, with regards to the on line creation,
we though about giving gods on our mud the power to use it, and to create
rooms on line.. then we stopped to think what might happen if someone
decided to get out of hand with it.. so, my question is does olc write directly
to the files, and link everything directly, or does it only create temp
files that aren't included in the index, and are therefore not really a part
of the mud . (I'm hoping it's the latter, so that we can approve
stuff before it's added into the mud)
Just wondering.
Absolut (btw.. if you need beta testers for 3.0, we would be more than happy
to test it... our players have gotten used to sporadic wipes etc anyway...)

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