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From: Doc (
Date: 05/05/97

> > Circle FAQ.
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> Hey, good idea.  By the way, is this thread being catalogued?
> Josh

No, not  at this time. does not have the resources to archive the
list.  However, I plan to move this list to a new site shortly, and hopefully
we will be able to set up "back issiues" when we do.

Quite frankly, when I set up this  list, I never imagined there would
be such an overwealming response.  We currently have 80 members on the list
and I am getting 5-10 subscriptions requests per week. Unfortunately,
success has a price, and in this case that price is to have outgrown 
the resources of our host. is not an internet provider, but they
have been most generous in giving this list a home, and I thank them 
very much for it.  A new home for the list has already been found, and
I will make an announcement as soon as everything is squared away.

When the list is moved, you shouldn't have to do anything.   I will move
the sub list, and set up a foward here for little while, until people get   
used to it. 

Hopefully, I will get it running soon enough to have the new address 
included in the 3.0 distribution.
CircleMUD List Operator

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