Crashes with get from

From: The Mud Operator (
Date: 03/16/94

well, we recently started getting a lot of crashes with no apparent cause,
and have trailed it back to this..
the mud crashes when you do a (in this situation it's can)
get all.can from 2.pack (can being obj pack being container)
here's the scenario.. I loaded up a bunch of cans and 2 packs.
then, I dropped all the cans, and picked up as many as it would
let me hold... I then put all the cans into 2.pack.. no problem.
I could still do a get all.can 2.pack...
next however I dropped all the cans, put them into 2.pack,
and then picked up another can, and put that into 2.pack also...
then, upon doing a get all.can 2.pack... CRASH... down came the mud.
seems that get all.obj 2.container does not check for max items a 
person can hold, and upon exceeding the limit, it will crash the mud.
anyone else had this problem?
I'll probably be looking at it later tonight to fix it,
will post the fix when I finish it.

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