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Date: 03/17/94

The Chronciler writes:
-> in spell_parser.c it searches for max_spell_list..or something like that...
-> the number is 43 or around hve to make that higher.
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-> The SHAMAN have come......
-> be forewarned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-> Office of The Chronicler
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I found a MAX_SPL_LIST, it was set to 128, Just for the heck of it I
advanced it a bit and it did NO good.  Spell still is on the list but
can't be used....give you the Olle, Gloph or whatever message...


The first Great Steward, Parrafin the Climber, was employed in King
Chloroplast's kitchen as second scullery boy when the old King met a
tragic death.  He apparently fell backward by accident on a dozen salad
forks.  Simultaneously the true heir, his son Carotene, mysteriously
fled the city, complaining of some sort of plot and a lot of
threatening notes left on his breakfast tray.  At the time, this looked
suspicious what with his father's death, and Carotene was suspected of
foul play.  Then the rest of the King's relatives began to drop dead
one after the other in an odd fashion.  Some were found strangled with
dishrags and some succumbed to food poisoning.  A few were found
drowned in the soup vats, and one was attacked by assailants unknown
and beaten to death with a pot roast.  At least three appear to have
thrown themselves backward on salad forks, perhaps in a noble gesture
of grief over the King's untimely end.  Finally there was no one left
in Minas Troney who was either eligible or willing to wear the accursed
crown, and the rule of Twodor was up for grabs.  The scullery slave
Parrafin bravely accepted the Stewardship of Twodor until that day when
a lineal descendant of Carotene's returns to reclaim his rightful
throne, conquer Twodor's enemies, and revamp the postal system.
		-- Harvard Lampoon, "Bored of the Rings"


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