From: Carl Tashian (TASHIACM@ctrvax.Vanderbilt.Edu)
Date: 03/17/94

I'm trying to move everyone in one room to another room.. seems simple enough..

well here's an example of what I have:

struct char_data *tmp_ch;
extern struct room_data *world;
int room1, room2;
room1 = real_room(1);
room2 = real_room(2);

for (tmp_ch = world[room1].people; tmp_ch;
    tmp_ch = tmp_ch->next_in_room)
  char_to_room(tmp_ch, room2);
  do_look(tmp_ch, "", 0, 0);

It seems like this would work.. but it doesn't .. (I think because
tmp_ch->next_in_room gets messed up when you move tmp_ch to a different room)
.. so how do I go about moving everyone from one room to another?

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