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Date: 03/18/94

ok....I think I'm finally really close but ran into another problem
I have a loop set up theat searches the contents of rooms otrher
thatn the room that the char is in.  If a room isn't there it obviosly
can't be searched so the mud will crash.
I tried to put in a couple statements to fix this but nothing seems
to work.  

Here take a peek at theis loop and see if you can see something i don't:

 for (seeker =0; seeker <= 5; seeker++) {

    if (ch->in_room != NOWHERE)
       room = real_room(ch->in_room);

    exitp = EXIT(ch, seeker);
    distance = 0;

    while ((exitp) &&

      !IS_SET(exitp->exit_info, EX_CLOSED) &&

      (real_room(exitp->to_room)) &&

      !IS_DARK(exitp->to_room) &&

      distance <= itemrange &&

      distance <= mobrange) {


        if ((world[room].dir_option[seeker]->to_room) == NOWHERE)
            room = real_room(world[ch->in_room].dir_option[seeker]->to_room);

        exitp = world[room].dir_option[seeker];
      switch(*type) {

Thanks again in advance...


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