Re: Possible typo/bug in constants.c v2.20

From: Danhiel Baker (
Date: 03/18/94

|  Yes, stick to re-working areas... (grin) The code isnt all that logical
| unless you have been working with it for some time.
| --BRiT

Ahh, I see... *chuckle* Yup, areas for me...or better documented code and
a bit more sleep (that'll teach me to claim I found a bug after 4 in 
the morn! ;)  I actually had toyed with this stuff before, when I co-Imped
hine Diku I seem to remember it being doc'd to show what stats were what...
which is why I was confused this time...REALLY! :)

Thanks for the info...luckily I'm no code-Imp...(yeah yeah yeah..flame 
away!  Just see which *real* bug/tricks reports YOU get! :)


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