Re: Spec_Procs/Spells/Areas/Etc
Date: 03/21/94

> 	Just wondering if anyone plans on ever uploading 
> anything onto jhu. =) I will be putting some more stuff up
> probably tonight, if your interested, you might wanna check it 
> out. Also, any takers for a Spell/Skill/Class/Etc swap? 

The directories are just sitting there idle.  BTW, I've changed the names:
now, stuff which is already there for people to download is in the
"submissions" directory; if you want to upload something, put it in the
"upload_here" directory.

>  	Now, for the main reason I am posting: I know that buried
> within Circle 2.2 lies some unused language code. Anyone get this stuff
> to work, or is it beyond my meager C hack skills? 

The structures are there, but that's about it.  There's room in the
playerfile for 3 languages for each person.  Basically, you can write
a note in a particular language; then the language is stored in one of
the values[] of the note.  When someone tries to read the note, they
can only read it if there's a match between the language of the note and
the languages the reader understands.

Or, if you want to get really complex, you can incorporate languages in


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