Date: 03/22/94

I created a copy of my MUD in a separate directory. Almost all files
were linked with symbolic links, except the world files people
update, the binaries that had to change to incorporate new magic
users etc. The builders on this MUD are all level 34, so each has the
abililty to reboot after updating his files. With OLC these reboots
can be left out, but the disctinct 'BUILD'-MUD stays.

Of course you need to have enough disk space for this.

Guido M. Witmond ---- Internet: Guido.Witmond@si.hhs.nl
** She said,    "Your nose is running, honey", I told her, "No it's not". **
** Or she said, "Your nose is running honey",  I told her, "No it's not". **

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