From: Doc (
Date: 05/14/97

Hello all.

This  is just an update on the list.  first apologies for the 
twenty or so people who have been waiting up to two weeks or so
to get subscribed.  Thats my fault, and I will try not to let
myself get behind again.  

The good news is when this list finally moves to its new site,
all subscription processes will be handled automatically.  No
more waiting for me to get around to it.

The bad news is that there is a  minor problem to be worked out
with the mailing software.  It will be a little bit longer before
we can get over there (but hey, we are used to hearing THAT around 
here, eh? *tickle Jeremy*).

Barring any bounces I remove as a result of this mail, the list
now has 95 members!  CircleMUD has obviously become a sought after
product.  Kudos to Jer for a well done job.

I am going to compile a mini-mudlist of all the MUDS running circle
code.  Send me the name and address of YOUR circlemud, along with  up
to two lines of commentary about your mud.  

Well, thats about all for now.  I will send out mail when the list 
moves to tell you how to subscribe there.

CircleMUD List Operator

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