slight disagreement

From: The Chronicler (
Date: 03/27/94

>any other physical event), the fact that you are examining things
>more thoroughly than normal might even save you from it (from

actually i see a problem in this argument...and maybe i shouldnt get into we could be starting a major discussion on a minor point (but ive never
been known for being reasonable so here goes)

I see tracking as paying close attention to trails, and paying less to the
situation around it.  Maybe not, but it seems that yuo have to concentrate more
on the trail

>entering the room).  As I said, this is a minor point, and the
>opposite point of view could be argued just as reasonably.  Just
>thought I'd throw my $0.02 in on the matter.
>-Mathue Moyer

"If i knew it was going to be this damn cold, I'd have worn a sweater."
	-J. Frost


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