Pyramid of spells

From: Brett C Helgeson (
Date: 03/28/94

	I have done a similar thing to what someone had posted 
earlier. It works out to be something like 5/5/4/4/4/4/3/3/3 
spells per level. Note there is only 9 spell levels. A mage gains
a spell level for every two(2) 'real' levels. A level 3 mage can cast
level 2 spells, a level 5 can cast level 3, etc. It follows this pretty
closely, until at level 7 (spell level) it jumps to every three (3) 
	I chose this way to avoid the problem that someone mentioned.
_Every_ mage up till about level 12 looks the same. Same combat spells as
the next guy. Not only is this dull and boring, it is highly unrealistic.
(My mud is High on the Role Playing, players _have_ to find teachers, and
they won't always be around, or in the same place.) It makes things more 
of a challange, other than just leveling and going to the guild.
I should also point out that I use a spell point system, rather than the 
mana system found throughout muds. It isn't completely bug free, but Its
getting there.

P.S. Jeremy you said you had Track as a skill in 3.0. Would you mind
posting the code for that, so we all can use it for 2.2? Just wondering =)


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