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Date: 03/28/94

>Date: Mon, 28 Mar 1994 18:50:31 -0500 (EST)
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VampLestat explains:
| On Mon, 28 Mar 1994, Peter Acheson wrote:
| >  one to move objs/mobs/pcs.. there is summon/word of recall are the only
| >  spells so far... I would like to see something added so that you could say
| >  travel through objects... like say tree travel... (ie for class druid)
| or maybe a more general system for allowing the transportation of 
| obj/mobs/players?  i dunno..

I'm not really clear what you mean here - do you want....well, heck, can't
even think of what exactly you *might* mean (at least nothing that sounds
reasonable IMO :)  Please elaborate (both of ya!)

| > Have a spell gate or of type gate... It opens a portal in between two rooms
| > for about 2-3 tics depending on level of pc and anyone can use it who isin
| > either of the two rooms... It also costs a phenomenal amount of mana...
| ugh, a REALLY bad idea.  even if it uses 100 mana points, people will 
| still use it all the time to get around mobs they dont want to have to 
| deal with or to do mass transportation of PC that could not normally get 
| to a location on foot.  I just normally see this spell as a big "cheat" 
| on most muds.  Though I guess if it gets imped I'll just hack it back out.

I'm behind Ryan all the way here!  As a tiny-architect, I set things up the
way I do to challenge players and make them think in specific ways 
(hopefully!) rather than simply going around killing things.  Allowing high
level characters simply going _directly_ to what they want to kill,
bypassing any need to learn the route, avoid DTs and "minions", etc, etc,
is a really evil thing IMO.  No challenge to "portalling" to a mob from
the temple/town square, getting the party ready, and then simply jumping
in and killing that mob, taking it's treasure, and then recalling out.
*shiver* I'm opposed to this, in case anyone didn't notice :)

| >   Special procedures for objects:
| Yea, this is generally a "good thing".  Any chance of including it in 
| Circle 3.0?  It would also be great to be able to give special procs to 
| rooms so that you could have a volcano that occationally cast a fireball 
| in the room, or similar things.

Spec_procs for rooms would be nice - adding certain room types, such as
'RIVER', would be even nicer!  Teleport rooms, a la Silly code, provide
much to play with as far as adventure building goes (note that this is
NOT the same thing as mere building - "teleport rooms" provide the sense
of time passing, and give more meaning to waiting to see what happens.
On Wiley Diku, a Silly deriv, I had plans for some complex uses for this,
including self-running quests (I'm going to have to search my memory for
the details to this idea...) and allowing players to encounter 'caravans'
moving down a road, having changing room descripts as a player moves 
'temporaly' rather than physically, describing the caravan getting closer,
etc to the players.  Time-related room descripts would also be cool - having
a bar 'bustling with activity' during the night, but empty during the day,
or changing the look and feel of a forest from day to night.  Seasonal
descripts are another idea...  These would require a bit more work on
a builders part, but it would be optional... a room in the desert shouldn't
say 'the sun beats down on you' at night,  nor should 'sunbeams trickle
through the thick foliage of the oaks' at night in the winter ;)


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