Re: Circle 3.0 update
Date: 03/29/94

> >Okay, another sneak peak at Circle 3.0.  A spell sample record:
> >                        /*   L E V E L S      MANA  COST  */
> >                        /* Ma  Cl  Th  Wa    Max Min Chng */
> >spello(SPELL_BLINDNESS,     3,  6,  X,  X    50,  20,  5,
>                                      ?????
> >
> >
> >This shows that the blindness spell is usable at level 3 for mages and
> >level 6 for clerics, and not usable by thieves and warriors.  When a
> >caster first gets the spell, it will cost 50 mana; then, for each level
> >the mage/cleric gains, the spell will cost 5 less mana until it bottoms
> >out at 20.
> >
> >There are other arguments to spello() that I'm leaving out of this
> >sample, such as whether or not the spell is violent, how many seconds
> >of delay are caused by casting the spell, valid targets, etc.
> Much better! The only question I have is should the X's be LEVEL_IMM, or
> is the code that allows immortals to use all spells/skills going to be put
> somewhere else? (ie, regardless of what the individual spell says, allow any
> imm+ to use it)

You're right; what I forgot to tell you was the line:

#define X LVL_IMMORT

So, yes, 'X' in the file really means that it is only usable by immorts.


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