Re: gcc vs cc?

From: SPACE CADET (m974020@anderson.NADN.NAVY.MIL)
Date: 03/29/94

On Tue, 29 Mar 1994, The Chronicler wrote:

> hi on a possilbe site..i doesnt have gcc...and we cant figure out how
> to install it....   and when i tried to make it i got errors with straight cc.
> anybody get it to work?  or anyone have gcc that they could tell me how to
> install???
> ---
I just recently got my sysop to install gcc, and we found some 
interesting things in the readme files.... first, make sure that you used 
the correct makefile.... there are several attached, one to match just 
about any major system... if there aren't any, try FTPing to see if they still have the latest package.  Also,
there should be some minor errors flashing up during the compile.... 
ignore them.  Once you get the thing compiled and linked, use your new 
gcc to re-compile the source for gcc.  Repeat that process about 4 times 
(recommended in the readme) and you should be good to go, and bug free.  
The key thing is to get those makefiles, though... if you will post your 
site type and operating system, I'll see if I can locate where the sysop 
put all of the source for gcc on my server, and get the right one mailed 
to you.

                              Gabe McAtee,

                                   A.K.A. Sarkhori the Dark One

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