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From: Danhiel Baker (
Date: 03/30/94

| Ryan Watkins writes:
| > 	1) Make it a skill that different classes get at different levels
| I've chosen to make it a thief only skill.  Seems appropriate, thieves 
| need all the help they can get, and it helps promote grouping.

Sounds good to me!  I have no real qualms with it being *available* to
other classes at higher levels.  The main reason for the REALLY high
level for the mage and cleric classes is that they can get LOTS of
pracs, and could be fully praced in it before a thief, easily.  Warriors,
on the other hand, suffer the same lousy pracs/level as thieves, and
from what I've seen they generally go toward damage-enhancers (kick, bash)
rather than even such important IMO things as 'rescue'.  I have yet to
run into a warrior on the mud I've been on that can rescue worth a damn -
which means that either *I* tank (no biggie, I easily out-stripped the
competition as far as levels and equipment goes - intimate experience with
the tiny*s, as well as 2.5+ years of various mudding does count for 
something!) or the mob goes without being backstabbed.  I doubt many 
warriors would bother with learning track for some time of their own accord.

| > 	2) Make 'track dog' look for either the closest dog or at least
| > 	   first check the zone you are in for dogs; it is aggrevating
| > 	   to 'track slave' in Arachnos and end up heading towards Rome
| > 	   or the Drow area.
| Probably rather easy to check if any dogs are in your area, though a 
| better solution would be to track the one closest in terms of # of rooms.

Yes, though I'm not sure that J. wanted to eat that much computation time.
It seems that in the current impl. of track, it picks a mob of the correct
type and then plots the path.  This would seem, at least at first glance,
to be more efficient than doing an expanding search from the players room
until a dog is found.  Also, if I go into the woods in RL and attempt to
track a deer, I may not be tracking the closest one - just the one that
left tracks where I was :)
| > 	3) Limit the max number of rooms you can track from (perhaps make
| > 	   this increase with skill% AND level).  Tracking the DracoLich
| > 	   from the Bakery in midgaard makes damn little sense, period!
| Even more so when the dracolich is a sentinel mob.  Kinda hard to find 
| tracks for a mob that never moves.  I'm not sure if I've put in this 
| check or not, but I think track should check if a mob is sentinel and if 
| so not track it.

That makes good sense, though I've noticed that some mobs would probably
be apt to move around if they could.  Ideally, some mobs could only be
tracked from within their own zone (Mother Matron in Drow...), while
others simply could not be tracked, as they either didn't move or didn't
leave tracks.  Heh...even a 'hard to track' flag could be added, that
worsened your odds of successfully tracking the mob (Isha, for example,
should not be easily trackable, nor should a ranger/druid type, IMO)
| > Jer ->     (*SIGH* OK, Jeremy, add a NO_TRACKING room flag and a NO_TRACK
| > 	   mob flag,'s gotta be done, I guess :)
| Probably a good idea and easy enuf to implement.

Yup... no tracking down a river, no tracking across bare rock, etc.  Could
just go ahead and have TRACK give a message to players when they are in a
WATER_NOSWIM room that "You can't see any tracks in the water, moron."
I'm not sure about WATER_SWIM, yet - it can be used for other things than
WATER, simply because it is so darn difficult to move through!  If memory
serves me, Arachnos has a few (or many?) SECT_WATER_SWIM rooms.
| > 	4) perhaps add a toggle that will always do an 'exits' when a
| > 	   player is tracking, so they can see for themself what lies in
| > 	   that direction.
| Probably somethign more of a job for tintin, but I see your point.
Well, it seemed to be a good compromise between the 'paying attention' and
'not paying attention' arguments.  If a player REALLY wasn't paying attention,
he could be screwed.  *grin* another restriction that could go onto track
to "simulate" that you have to pay alot of attention is to only allow a
player to track if they don't have 'Brief' on - or hurt their chances to
track if they are using BRIEF... but I digress...

| >  All DTs will be lighted in v3.0,
| yea!  You wouldnt happen to be keeping a log of your changes have you?  I 
| dont plan on replacing my world files in full, and diff'ing em might be a 
| bit drastic... :)

I can send out the 'changes' file I originally sent to Jeremy before I 
posted re-did the world I'm using as a base.  I am *not* using the exact
world that is v2.2;  I've located another version that I have had all 
along that has the Miden'Nir moved and some other things added, including
a version of the Tower of High Sorcery.  I'm not sure if it's buggy or not,
but I think it's one that I went over *twice* attempting to balance it.
I have a good idea of what's been changed, and can at least stear imps 
towards the right places to find the changes.

- Danny

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