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Date: 04/04/94

Some quick notes about Circle 3.0.  Just to make sure people don't
cry bloody murder.

'hide' is now just like 'invis'; I changed the CAN_SEE macro so that,
for all intents and purposes, a hidden character is just like an
invisible character (except that people with sense life instead of
detect invisibility can defeat it).  Holylight also defeats 'hide',
of course.  Instead of 'you sense a hidden presence in the room'
for hidden chars, it says "you see Mrtest (hidden)".

I put skillset in, but there is no skillshow (unless someone wants to
write one for me and I don't have to think about it.)

I took 'string' out in lieu of OLC.

I changed 'snoop' to use descriptors instead of characters (which makes
a **LOT** of sense, and I have no idea why no one has done it before),
which means a lot of cool things: you can now snoop a switched person;
the mud is stable if you're snooping someone who keeps switching and
unswitching and reswitching; people can't tell if they're being snooped
by trying to switch.  Also, I rewrote 'switch' so it's a lot cooler..
Imps can now switch into linkdead players.

I made the fix to 'act' that someone suggested a long time ago so that
you can specify a room to act in solely on the position of an object
instead of a person.  This is a major win for object and room-based
specprocs, such as the 'dump' specproc.

I rewrote the incredibly ugly guildmaster code.  It's about 25 lines
long now and is very pretty.  All parameters are specifiable in a
nice little table to produce identical functionality to the old, ugly

Same as above for guildguards. means the PC with named 'name', to prevent players with cute
names like 'Guard' from screwing you up.

There is now a file called 'class.c' which contains 95% of the structures
which require changing when you add new classes (i.e. saving throw tables,
title lists, 'who' class parser code, nanny 'select class' code, etc.)
That way, adding new classes is much easier.  (By the way - does someone
feel like writing titles for level 21-30 thieves, warriors, and clerics?
It will earn you a place on the 'credits' page... :-))

More to come later.


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