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From: Danhiel Baker (
Date: 04/05/94

| Krk walks into a room with Conner Macleod (who is flagged as HELPER and
| MEMORY), and a fluff chic.  Krk attacks the fluff chic, and Conner rescues
| the chic and starts to attack Krk (as he is supposed to).  Krk is now
| getting his ass kicked by Conner, and decides to flee.  He comes back, but
| Conner attackes him, saying that he is "the fiend who attacked me" (as per
| MOB_MEMORY).  This shouldn't happen, since Krk never initiated an attack
| against Conner. How can I fix this?  We are using 2.11 code (modified a
| lot, though MEMORY was never touched).  Below is the code we are using for
| HELPER (the code is in the mobact.c file, after the aggressive part).
| <Helper code rem'd>
| Thanks a lot for any help.
| BTW...Jeremy, for 3.1, would a HELPER flag be feasible?
| Ace
| AbsolutMUD( 4000)

First, yes, according to Jeremy the HELPER flag which was unimp'ed in v2.2
will work now - HELPER mobs will join a fight against PCs when another mob
in the room is being attacked.

As for the MEMORY problem... I have a solution in mind, but I've gotta take
a look at the code to see exactly what is done now...


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