Room Flags and Dates

Date: 04/06/94

	I have wanted to try and put the dates to use in Circle, for a long
time, but I never got around to it.  My idea is this:  I want to delegate
three months for a pretty harsh winter, and then set a room flag so that
during these three months snow blocks the path, in a certain direction,
in that room.  I have an area where players must go thru a narrow pass
between two mountains, and I thought it would be nice it they could only
get there during the warmer months ;).
	All I want the room flag to do is block the exit and send_to_char
( "A giant snow drift blocks the path to the %s"\n\r, direction);
	Something like that, anyway.  This idea would be good for things that
happen at certain times in the year (perhaps a hurricane season? trees blocking
paths? or a magical gateway to another land that opens once a year, or every
other year?).  I sure many people could put this to good use.  I would appreciate any help that you could offer in defining this room flag.  Thanks in advance.
	Oh, and one more question, will Circle 3.0 have N'atas-Ha's MobPrograms
I've played around with Merc code and I kinda like the Mobprogs (they're MUCH
easier to make than spec_procs for those of us who are C impaired).

						Thanks Again,

						Sean Mountcastle

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