Sorry about the outdated info
Date: 04/08/94

I just gave some outdated info about how to get off this list.
I gave the reply before reading all of my mail, there were 50 messages
waiting. I learned that lesson, again *sigh*.
Sorry to trouble anyone with that.

To get off this list follow the instuctions posted here lately. :-)

Guido M. Witmond ------------------------- Internet:
** She said,    "Your nose is running, honey", I told her, "No it's not". **
** Or she said, "Your nose is running honey",  I told her, "No it's not". **
PGP Public key availible on request         (as long as the Dutch government 
		     doesn't do any foolish things like forbidding privacy.)
PGP Private key availible for the government.          (on request, *smile*)

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