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From: The Chronicler (ACCMCM@vaxc.hofstra.edu)
Date: 04/08/94

> On April 8th [skrabut@acsu.buffalo.edu  "Alexander J Skrabut"] wrote:
>> On Fri, 8 Apr 1994, Jeremy Elson wrote:
>> > If you have any suggestions for moving spells around, please make
>> > them.  Also, I need a couple of more mid-level mage spells to
>> > fill the list out.
>> > 
>> > Identify Potion: Identify which spells are contained in a potion.
>> Hmm.. dont really like this one.  Then players will have an extremely easy
>> way of ID'ing any potion.  Yea, they can use ID scrolls, but having the
>> mystery of a new potion is kinda cool.
>We at NonameMUD plan to make the Identify spell VERY high level, and making
>scrolls that 'identify' either very rare or nonexistant. Adds a bit of
>realism and also adds a touch of uncertainty about magical items.
hmmm...mirtos mud, (when it gets a site...sigh) are taking out the magic shop,
adding a bit more realism, so its harder to find things out, and recall spells
will be REAL nice things to have.

Mages clercs, etc, will have the ability to "scribe" scrolls.  It will be high
level, and it will be quite an insentive.  Sort of like the "enchant weapon"

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