amy clues?

From: The Chronicler (
Date: 04/11/94

a player mailed me some points.

1.  Im currently testing out of my own account (not allowed to run a mud, but
code testing is ok), so i dont experience lag (grin).

2.  Two people experienced this problem, same school, and it was fine later,
without me changing ANY code.  Me guess is that it was their lag, but it was
too weird to over look.  I am thoroughly confused by this.

Here it is...if any ideas...mail me

>Hiya Sagar,
>	Iwas on  your mudd tonight. (No shit James I know this I was there)
>Well I ran into a bug. (You a bug never) It was really interesting. I could
>go any way I wanted to. I could  look. I could type users I couldeven kill
>but I couldnot do anything  else. Every  time I tried to say or goto or 
>transfer  or ... anything but the  simplest commands itwould  lag up.
>This may have been just really  specific net lag but  I dont  think so.  
>I broke out andcame back  a number of times.  I could only do socials and
>move.  couldnt even way or tell. Really strange. Also all the mobs could
>move around cause I watched them walk around me when  I was frozen.  This may
>have been net lag. This may have been someonefucking with your machine  all
>I know is I lagged on  almost all of my commands except the most base of them

MirtosMUD is to be a true role playing mud.

We are in search of coders, role players (ESP DMS of D+D), and any sort
of help you want.  Plans are in the work to make it a really cool mud.  

Please Email any requests for godhood to:

Also: to you mudders already on MirtosMUD: keep those ideas coming, they come
in REAL handy.  Also keep me on my toes, you notice a bug, tell me!!!

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