Re: Circle 3.0 SPELL LIST -- Please Read (fwd)
Date: 04/14/94

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Subject:  Re: Circle 3.0 SPELL LIST -- Please Read (fwd)
Jeff "Teker" Fink <> wrote:

>Also, if you're going to add spells, fighters
>and thieves should probably get more skills.

I don't know what jeremy has planned for new skills, but I have one
suggestion for a thief skill: peek.  Similar to the new spell wizard eye,
peek will allow the thief to see the contents of an adjacent room as if the
thief were in the room.  In essence, "peek <dir>" would be an "at room# look."

I wasn't sure if the wizard eye would allow the mage to look *behind* closed
doors or not.  At any rate, the thief should be able to peek in the direction
of a door and see the contents of the room behind it if the door has a key
hole, regardless if it is locked or not.


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