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From: VampLestat (
Date: 04/14/94

On Thu, 14 Apr 1994, Brett C Helgeson wrote:

> >Please, this is not a linux mailing list, but a circlemud mailinglist.

> 	Uhm read the letter. He said email _him_ not the mailer.

I wanted to make the point to the list.  Also, I did not answer his 
questions, so I am not bound to reply just to him.

> Also
> since Circle's _native_ language _is_ Linux, I think it more than 
> qualifies for this mailer-

No it doest.  His question was not specific to Circlemud.  It was a 
generic linux question.  Hell I could say "Anyone know how to use elm?" 
and it would be valid because this is an email list?  I think not.

> 	Is this a flame? You decide.   [snip snip]
>       Yeah, this is a flame.

Hmm... litte room for decision there.

> Some people seem that they are
> gods chosen and can tell everyone where to go and what to do.

I dont think so.  I am attempting to keep a bit of order on this list.  
Thats why I wrote the FAQ, thats why I asked him not to discuss general 
linux questions here.  

When you've used the net a while, you'll realize there are generally 
accepted rules for mailing lists, and sticking to the topic is one of 
them.  Along with sending sub/unsub requests to the -request address.  
You sir, need to learn the system before telling me to get lost.

You are taking the same high and mighty attitude you attribute to me by 
saying that "anything goes" here.

> Cripes grow up. When you cure cancer, then I'll listen to you.

When you've learned your way around the net, I'll listen to you.  This is 
a Circlemud mailing list, not a Linux mailing list.  There are lists for 
Linux and thats where linux questions belong.  Unless the listadmin here 
decideds otherwise, this is a list about Circlemud, NOT linux.

> Till then keep your trap shut.

Hell with you, no.  You have no right to tell me to shut up.

Interesting that you would flame me for telling someone to not post, yet 
turn right around and tell me to "keep my trap shut".  A bit hipocritical 

> 	Yeah, this is a flame.

Oh, thanx.  Gee I didnt realize.

Come back when youve gotten a clue about how to use the net and the 
generally accepted rules of its use.

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