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Date: 04/14/94

I am forwarding this to the list at the initial authors request. IT was 
sent to me, and ntothe list by accident.

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> > 	Yeah, this is a flame.
> Oh, thanx.  Gee I didnt realize.
> Come back when youve gotten a clue about how to use the net and the 
> generally accepted rules of its use.

Can anyone tell me how to tune the SU carb on my '76 Spitfire?

But seriously... I think I've started (was it me? or was I the second?) a bad
trend of flames and retorts on this mailing list...

Please people... limit your questions to things that pertain _Inherently_ to

And on that note...

I was wondering if 3.0 addressed the problem of the bug in group_gain that 
messes up ungrouped players' exp gain.
I know on mine the exp cap we have seems to be in the wrong place, and I plan
on rewriting these functions to correst the group_gain problem and also the
problem of group_gain reporting your share, when in fact gain_exp may alter this

And Jeremy? any news of Circle 3.0 since last you spoke?


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