Test Port

From: Jeremy Elson (jelson@blaze.cs.jhu.edu)
Date: 04/14/94

The test port is currently up at

  circle.cs.jhu.edu 4000

I am going to try to keep it up for much of the weekend.  The code is still
rough around the edges in some places, most notably the magic system, but
I think it's pretty solid and I want to start getting some of the bugs out.
(Other known bugs which I haven't had time to fix: 'get all.bread all.bag'
doesn't work right yet, and 'look at <obj>' is having problems.)  (BTW-
the mail system has been converted to work under 3.0, but you can't read
mail since look <at> obj doesn't work anyway ;-))

Please also note that I've been really unhappy with the way the test port
has been working so far.  With the exception of three or four people, most
people log in to the test port, look around for 2 minutes, ask me "Hey,
when is this going to production?" or "Can I be a God?" and then log out
within 4 minutes of their first login.

That type of "playing" does not consist of "testing".

What I need is for people to _test_ the code.  Logging in for two minutes
to make sure that the 'tell ras can I be an immort?' command works will
not speed the 3.0 release.

Note that willingness to help find bugs on the alpha port will not be
overlooked when the process of beta-test site selection takes place.


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