something with is_number
Date: 04/19/94

Some couple of things for those that are NOT going to switch over to
3.0 (and perhaps some last-minute things for Mr. Elson if he wants to. :) )

1. You should DEFINATELY not be able to buy cure critical potions from the
astrologer. He's easy to kill, you can buy them, kill him, and get your 
money back. Besides, healing potions shouldn't be bought anyways. Money 
is cheap. :)

2. In interpreter.c, the function is_number perhaps needs this minor change:

if (*str=='-') str++;

This allows is_number to recognize negative numbers AS WELL AS 
positive numbers. :) Otherwise, keep it the way it is. :)

(for the novice in c, this effectively moves the pointer over 1 away from 
 (ack no goback with this terminal)...I mean, it kinda sorta removes the
negative sign so the procedure can actually CHECK to see if the rest are
numbers. :) I guess I didn't explain that at all well. :'-())

Anywaze, there ya go.

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