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Date: 04/21/94

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> The code works fine.  On my machine (where i cant run muds) we had people log
> in, and its currently been up for 22+ hours.  
> Now about a week ago i got a site.  For four days it worked fine, but now,
> starting about a day or two ago, its crashing massivly.  It wont write to the
> syslog, seems "cant open syslog"  so i commented log() figuring somehow the
> syslog was causing crashes.  Still got the problems.  Next I commented out all
> the fgrep in autorun, but it still crashes.   
> This is on ultrix 4.2a, on various DEC workstations.  When i compile i get
> warnings about localtime, and conversion errors.  Does this have something to
> do with it?  I realize im giving a minimal ammount of information, but i have
> no clue, sort of like the site died.

I've run Circle on DEC's running 4.3 and 4.3a, and have had no problems
whatsoever.  The warnings pop up about localtime, but no other warnings
come up.  Look at where the warnings are occuring, and see if it's your
code or Circle's.  Also, look in hacker.doc for steps to use a debugger
to determine the exact line of code where the crash it occurring.

Looking at the "cant open syslog", check permissions on all of the directories
and make sure that if you have a quota, you are well under the limit.


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