From: Brett M. Turner (brett@marble.bu.edu)
Date: 04/23/94

We are getting many many timeouts from a few folks on the list.  We have 
established a bounce routine, where if your mail bounces you go onto a 
bounce list, and stay there until you don't bounce anymore.. but timeouts 
are quite different.  They tend to pause the mailer, and clog the system 
up some.  So, I will be deleteing timeouts of over 2 days.  If you know 
your system is down and you do not get mail from this list.  Please check 
to see if you have been removed.  There really isn't an efficiant way to 
monitor time-out sites.  I'll try to re-add people who time out for weeks 
and then suddenly reappear, but its not all that easy to trace.  If you 
have any questions mail me!


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