hometowns and new classes?

From: Steppin' Razor (grruffin@midway.uchicago.edu)
Date: 04/23/94

Asked earlier, but worth another try: any of you out there successfully coded
hometowns? I very new to C and using circle mud as a way to learn it, so it's
not like I should have expected hometowns to work on my first go around, but
I can seem to pin down the problem and I'm wondering if I can get advice from
someone who's done it...
Also, when adding spell casting classes, in spell_parser.c you need to refer to
a min_level_newclass, but compiling gives the error structure has no member
named min_level_newclass... So. I figured I'd define it in spells.h, but doing
so then gives me a structure has no member named targets error... Help a novice,

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