Immortals' strengh and "segmentation faults"

From: Sergio Ricardo Ferreira Macedo (
Date: 04/24/94

	Circle Brothers, I have a question and a problem:

	1 - the question is: how to keep the PC's strengh (imortals most
commomly (sic) ) above 18/100? When I set it or restore someone, the str
come back to the normal when the person get something. Any sugestions?

	2 - the problem: I'm struggling with a new area. Each time I put it
into the, the system returns a "segmentation fault" when reseting
the zone (shown by the last line of the log). The game not even runs... :-(
What may be causing it ? Is there any limit for the quantity of comands in the 
zone file ? Or any other limitation that I don't know ?

		Sergio Macedo 
			Desslar 4000

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