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From: Brett M. Turner (brett@marble.bu.edu)
Date: 04/29/94

This was meant for circle@marble =)  I got it by mistake.


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Date: Fri, 29 Apr 94 23:26:39 CDT
From: Roy Roberts <rroberts@sugar.NeoSoft.COM>
To: circle-owner@marble.bu.edu
Subject: A site

Ok, this is not the "My mud needs a site!" message that 50 million others
seem to be posting.  I do have a legitimate question, however, involving a
Does anyone know of a method to get an account on a site that can be used as
a development platform for a mud?  My account, while it has the disk space, has
an archaic compiler that just does NOT like Circle, and I just can't compile
anything.  I really want to tinker around and start developing code, but I have
nothing to run it on.  Any suggestions on a possible solution, or anyone know 
where I could get access to a 5-10 meg account, with a decent compiler?

(If nothing else works out, I may just have to purchace a new HD for my PC, and
install Linux on it)


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