Level Additions

From: Mud Administrator (absolut@b63740.student.cwru.edu)
Date: 04/30/94

Ok...well I solved my level addition problem...thanks to all those who 
responded with help.

It seemed that I forgot to change all the extern structs of titles...that was
the major problem.

I had to cah

(Damn mail editor)

I had to change the exp tables for Thieves and Warriors (the classes giving me
trouble).  I just copied the exp table for Mages (which worked just fine) for
Warriors and Thieves and this seemed to do the trick.  I don't think the 
advance had anything to do with exp, so what I think the problem was that 
somehow, many years ago when we made the MUD originally (using KitMUD source
*puke* *puke*), we may have left out a level.  I'll look at my backups to
see if this was the case.

Once again...thanks for all the help.

AbsolutMUD (still waiting eagerly for 3.0)

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