diagnosis prompts

From: Steppin' Razor (grruffin@midway.uchicago.edu)
Date: 05/02/94

Hi... I tried to code a prompt option that would return the condition of the
mob being fought by the player... It works, a little too well. It returns the
condition of the mob maybe 10 times per round of combat! Any ideas why this
would be going on?
I'm gonna try to include the little bit of code below (I'm not really proficient
at this yet :)) so let me know if you can see what's wrong w/ it...

                     if (PRF_FLAGGED(point->character, PRF_DISPDIAG)) {
                       if (point->character->specials.fighting) 
                        sprintf(prompt, "%s %s", prompt, (diag_char_to_char(point->character->specials.fighting), (point->character)));
                       else sprintf(prompt);
                          disp = TRUE;

Hhmm... the function it calls does put \n\r's in the output, but removing them
did not change the problem, and I don't really want them removed anyways...

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