Rail Systems (fwd)

From: Jeff (jfink@csugrad.cs.vt.edu)
Date: 05/03/94

> Hello Everyone,
> 	I was wondering if anyone could give me some pointers (or even the
> code ;) ) for implementing rail systems (or other forms of mass/public trans.)
> within circle.  I am looking to make some 'easy' way for players to get to
> areas that are fairly far away - I want to implement something similar to the
> metro system in JediMUD.  Thank you all in advance.

Well, if the rooms are going to be different (i.e. you can look out a window
and see different stuff)  I'd think the easiest way would be setting up a
room for each stop and writing a function to move every player/mob/object
in the room to the next.  If you're not concerned about making the rooms
different, you could create a single room, and write a function to change
the direction pointers each time the "car" moves.  Of course, you'd have to
take care of opening/closing doors as well.

Just off the top of my head... although I recall hearing that the author
of the Jedi rail system reads this mailing list...  ;-)


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