Re: names

From: Robert A. Vegas (
Date: 05/03/94

On Tue, 3 May 1994, SARKHORI wrote:

> is there any kind of copyright laws that prevent a mud from using ideas 
> from books?  For instance, if I wanted to make a section of middle earth 
> based on _The Hobbit_ , can anyone sue me for copyright laws?  any input 
> would be appreciated.

Yah, I would like to know that too.  I mean, we're not making a profit 
off of it so why should it matter?

I also have a question about the circle 3.0 structs file.  Can I assume 
that the structs are right in having things like iextras and iwears start 
at zero?  For example, aff_blind is 0, aff_invisible is 1, etc...  
Shouldn't zero be reserved for the 'none' bit?  Of course, if I happen to 
change it and insert a 'none' at zero I wouldn't have to change anything 
else in the mud code would I?  Just wanna make sure so I don't screw up 
the whole damn world file... ;)

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