Re: WAIT_STATE for mobs.

From: Matt Read (
Date: 05/08/94

>>Bash skill puts wait_state on chars if they are bashed...however, WAIT_STATE
>> macro affects descriptor_data.wait. This means that anything without a
>> descriptor is now affected by bash, ie mobs... One of my spec_procs includes
>> mob which heals intention was that the only way to kill him woul
>> be to get a warrior to bash him and so stop his spec_proc being called.
>>         My questions are as follows:
>> 1. Am I correct in what I've said in the previous paragraph?
>> 2. Is there a way to disable the spec_proc on a mob as a result of bash?
>>                 (other than put the .wait part of descriptor_data into
>>             char_data instead? Which would involve converting playerfiles)
>Why would involve converting playerfiles?  It should go in the specials
>structure of char_data, which is not even saved in the playerfile.
>(As a sidebar, no one seems to realize that you _can_ add things to the
>playerfile without converting it - there are two dozen spares in there.
>Just search for 'spare' in structs.h).

However, if I did this (moved descriptor_data.wait to ch->specials2.wait),
then the wait part of descriptor_data would be redundant and I don't really
like having spare parts of data structures lying around...although obviously
I could put up with it just this once.
	Is this what you meant? Or am I still missing the point?


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