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Date: 05/11/94

On Wed, 11 May 1994, Steppin' Razor wrote:

> I'm working on a tongue system in which people who don't have the same 
> hometown just see jibberish when they talk to each other. I want to use
> the same sort of thing that's in say_spell, but I don't want the text to
> be returned to the character WITHIN the function; rather I want to pass
> the text to the function and have it return the "translated" text.

I would probably do it with some sort of random function to the 
translation, possibly even based on the intelligence of the character.  
If you use a strait mapping from one charater to another and certain 
character combinations like say_spell, players can actually write 
routines to decode this via their client.  Slight randomization would 
prevent that.

Certainly a bit of work, but once someone pulls it off, they'll just copy 
the code for everyone else.

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