Implicit Declarations.

From: Joseph R. Rach (
Date: 05/15/94

Hello CircleMUD world,

   I've been trying to install CircleMUD v2.20 on DG/UX Release 5.4R3.00 AViiON.
THe problem i've been running into is function declarations. crypt was one of
them, but was easy fixed by adding #include <crypt.h> to those files. I need
help w/ a few others. The implicit declarations in need help with are:

   Any help with this will be great. This OS is bsd based, so i'd guess that all
i need to the proper prototypes for those function to get this mud started. I
do know that we have these functions in the libraries; However, the on-line doc
umention leave less then to be desired. 

			Thanks in advance for any replies,
			Joseph R. Rach.

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